Once the largest citrus producer in the world, Dr. Philip Phillips left a legacy that has spanned several generations culminating in the establishment of Dr. Phillips Charities, comprised of Dr. Phillips, Inc. and The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation. Building on the Phillips family legacy, these two distinct funding organizations are well known in Central Florida for their support of worthy capital projects and innovative programs of not-for-profit organizations that address critical Central Florida needs, demonstrate the potential for ongoing community support, and have a significant, lasting impact on the community.

Though the Dr. Phillips name is now mostly associated with philanthropy, in the first half of the 20th century the Dr. Phillips name was synonymous with the highest quality citrus products.  The companies that bore Dr. Philip Phillips’ name produced fresh fruit and canned juice under various labels, some of which are shown here.  The scope of Dr. Phillips’ business empire was immense with 28 groves encompassing 9 Florida counties, several citrus packing houses – including the largest in the world, and a cannery.  The legacy left by the entrepreneur and industrialist Dr. Philip Phillips and his family is the source of the wealth that continues to benefit the community today.