Dr. Phillips Charities Helps to Fund Academy of Hospitality at Osceola High

Dr. Phillips Charities honors the legacy of the Phillips family and supports organizations that live up to the motto "helping others help themselves." In keeping with this concept, Dr. Phillips Charities awarded $60,000 to the Osceola School District to assist in expanding the Academy of Hospitality at the Osceola High School, which provides its students with the necessary knowledge for a successful career in the service industry. The Academy of Hospitality will use these funds to expand the Hospitality Program to include both Culinary Arts and Lodging Operations. This expansion will allow students to explore high-demand careers within the hospitality field. As hospitality is one of the fastest-growing and largest industries in the world, and with Osceola County's proximity to numeorus tourist attractions, this program will prepare students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in related fields. The Academy of Hospitality will continue building community relationships with influential stakeholders such as city and county leaders, as well as community and industry partners. 

Osceola High School

"I am extremely grateful to Dr. Phillips Charities for partnering with us to expand our Academy of Hospitality," said Superintendent Melba Luciano. "This collaboration is yet another outstanding example of how our community is assisting us in ensuring that all of our students are inspired to reach their highest potential."

View Press Release (PDF)

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