Dr. Phillips Charities Helps Boy Scout Make History

Orlando, FL (January 6, 2016) Hunters Creek resident Michelangelo Dominguez was able to finish his Eagle Project and become Americas youngest Hispanic Eagle Scout thanks to a partnership with Dr. Phillips Charities.

Dr. Phillips Charities has an active grant to assist all Boy Scouts of America, Central Florida Eagle Scout candidates with funding toward their projects.

Each troop strives to provide educational opportunities for young people to build character,” said Ken Robinson, President of Dr. Phillips Charities, “Dr. Phillips Charities is proud of all the Eagle Scouts. Mikey’s record breaking achievement highlights one of many outstanding success stories and reasons for our longstanding partnership with the Boy Scouts.” 

Troy Finnegan, Mikey & Eddy Dominguez and Ken Robinson

Since its founding over one hundred years ago, the designation "Eagle Scout" has a long history. Only a small percentage of Boy Scouts are granted this rank after a lengthy review process. The requirements necessary to achieve this rank often take years to fulfill. 

Michelangelo, or Mikey as he is known, stated “earning the Eagle Rank is a huge honor to have, but there is much more to being an Eagle than just honor. Every Eagle Scout leaves behind a legacy of service that helps to make America a better place to live.” 

Dominguez' Eagle project was helping to build out the bilingual Santiago & Friends Family Center for Autism. The center, located in East Orange County, provides bilingual therapists and services for Central Florida autistic children and their families.

"We couldn't be more please with Mikey's outstanding achievements!" says BSA, Central Florida Executive Director, Ron Oats, "He is a true example of what Scouting is all about; providing character education for young men and women. There is no doubt that with Mikey's Eagle Project experience, he is now prepared for life. We also appreciate the support of Dr. Phillips Charities for helping Scouts achieve their Eagle Scout goals!"

One of the challenges of Dominguez project came after completion, when the septic tank burst. 

Mikey was not deterred, and got to work pulling out and replacing freshly laid flooring and repainting walls. The initial project took 360 hours and the replacement work added 140 hours. Mikey's father commented, 'The septic tank was not properly maintained by the landlord, so it got to the point where it could not hold any more waste, causing it to back-flow. Sewer water literally burst out of all drain pipes, causing the entire space to flood with dirty water. There was over an inch of water in the entire space, effectively ruining the new laminate flooring and carpeting that had been installed during Mikey's Eagle project. All the flooring had to be ripped out and salvaged as much as possible. The baseboards also had to be replaced, and much of the furniture, such as the bookcases, also had to be restored to counter-act the water damage."

At 12, Mikey not only earned the Eagle, his project went on to win the state and regional competitions. Mikey aspires to earn all of the Eagle Palms as a personal goal to attain with the Boy Scouts. Mikey's father, Eddy Dominguez is a Boy Scout board member and provides a strong support system. 

As an 8th grader at Orange County Public Schools, Hunter's Creek Middle, Mikey desires to get into the Dr. Phillips high school performing arts magnet next year. He plays the bassoon with the Florida Youth Symphony Orchestra and aspires to follow both of his parents' footsteps and attend Harvard University.

During a recent meeting at Dr. Phillips Charities, DPC President, Ken Robinson and General Counsel, Troy Finnegan (an Eagle Scout himself) spoke to Mikey about his hard work as the key to this prestigious honor.

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