Grant Process

Dr. Phillips Charities honors the legacy of the Phillips family and its support of organizations that live up to the motto "helping others help themselves."

As stewards of the Phillips family legacy for over 50 years, Dr. Phillips Charities has born the ethical responsibility of ensuring that its charitable contributions honor and contribute to the Phillips family vision. Directors of Dr. Phillips Charities make grants that will have a significant and lasting impact on the community, including worthy capital purposes and innovative projects that address a critical community need and that demonstrate a potential for ongoing support from the community.

Organizations may submit our Letter of Intent Forms 1 & 2 any time for our review to see if the next step is of interest. Submitting organizations should carefully review the areas of interest established by the Dr. P. Phillips Family, the grant making guidelines and application procedures. 

Those organizations and projects that garner support reflect:

  • Organizations that are well-managed as exhibited by a good track record over a period of years.
  • Newly formed entities will not be funded until a time period has passed to show that the entity can give a clear picture of its abilities to carry our the purposes of the grant.
  • Organizations that have a system of accountability in place to insure the funds are used for the intended purpose.
  • Organizations that demonstrate appropriate resources and expertise to carry out the objectives of the grant.
  • Projects that are innovative, efficient in their use of funds and meet a specific need.
  • Projects that are well-planned in their approach to solving core problems and delivering services.
  • Projects that promote better quality of life and a sense of community.
  • Projects that require initial "seed money" enabling an organization to expand and continue after the initial funding is received/spent.
  • Projects that seek to preserve the free enterprise system and protect private property rights.
  • Projects that are designed to benefit, preserve and improve the community of Dr. Phillips, Florida.
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