Letter of Intent Forms & Application

If you meet eligibility requirements, you may take the first step towards applying for a grant from Dr. Phillips Charities by completing our Letter of Intent, Forms 1 & 2

Click on the Form(s) Below to Download Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent - Form 1

Letter of Intent - Form 2

If you submitted a Letter of Intent and were invited to apply for a grant by Dr. Phillips Charities; you may download the application to submit at the deadline provided (by 4 pm on date listed). Note that since guidelines and forms are subject to change, it is best to verify that the most recent materials are being used before completing an application.

Click Here to Download a PDF version of the application

(Note: the online application contains interactive form fields allowing it to be filled out and then printed for submission.)

Additional copies of the following pages are available for download:

Page 3: "Project Implementation Plan and Progress Format"

Page 4 & 5: "Grant Budget Request and Expenditure Report/Progress Reporting"

Page 10: "Key Project and Administrative Staff for Organization"

Page 11: "Board Information Form"

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